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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Comcast email server settings?

Mail Server Settings. In the account settings window for your email client, enter "" for the incoming mail server and "" for the outgoing mail server.

How do I Fix my Comcast email?

How to Fix your Comcast Email. so you can receive. Email from People. STEP 1: Login to with your Comcast email address and password. STEP 2: Click on Users and Preferences. STEP 3: Under Email Settings, next to Spam filter, click the Edit button*.

What are Comcast email settings?

To configure an email client to use Comcast email (, the following settings should be used for sending and receiving email: Incoming Mail Server Name: Incoming Mail Server Port Number: Recommended: 993 with SSL ON. Only if Needed: 143 with SSL ON. Outgoing Mail Server Name:

How to disable Comcast email?

You probably know how to unsubscribe from emails, but doing that on Comcast directly isn’t possible. The only way to stop receiving emails is to block addresses individually through email filters and the spam folder. You can choose whether to block one or more email addresses, or you can insert the keywords you don’t want to see.

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