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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCR and what does it do?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique that is used to amplify trace amounts of DNA (and in some instances, RNA) located in or on almost any liquid or surface where DNA strands may be deposited.

What is the principle of PCR?

Principle of PCR. PCR consists of an exponential amplification of a DNA fragment, and its principle is based on the mechanism of DNA replication in vivo: dsDNA is denatured to ssDNA, duplicated, and this process is repeated along the reaction according to the following formula: s: slope of the exponential phase.

What are the types of PCR?

PCR is the common type of scientific tool used for amplification of Genomic DNA. Different types of PCR used in labs due to their specificity and sensitivity. This PCR used for the qualitative and quantitative test. PCR Steps are involved de-maturation, annealing, and Extension. Primers, Taq Polymerase, and nucleotides are used.

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