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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find college football Las Vegas odds?

Along with providing College Football Las Vegas Odds, VegasInsider is also the leader in betting numbers for the most popular sports that are wagered on in the United States.

Why do college football odds change so much?

Injuries are a key factor but the college football odds mostly change because of the betting market. The more money that comes in on one side the odds tend to follow suit so if the public bets on a favorite they tend to become more of a favorite. What does the plus symbol mean in CFB odds?

Why do oddsmakers give different odds to public teams?

These “public” teams will often be treated differently by oddsmakers simply because they are guaranteed to take action regardless of who they play, where they play and when they play. “Xs and Os really aren’t being taken into account when creating these odds, and that’s not something many people realize,” Fuhrman said.

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