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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the predictions for Week 11 organized?

The predictions for Week 11 are initially organized based on AP ranking in ascending order. The rest are listed chronologically after a preview of the five best games between unranked teams. All odds are courtesy of Caesars and accurate as of Tuesday.

What are the predictions for Northwestern and Purdue in fall football?

Prediction: Northwestern 27, Purdue 17 Because of the pandemic, Western Carolina is playing its Southern Conference slate in the spring. This is the fall debut for the Catamounts, who finished 3-9 last year. Liberty, meanwhile, just defeated Virginia Tech 38-35.

How many games are in Week 11 of the 2020 season?

While it's likely several games will be postponed or canceled (as Auburn/Mississippi State has been), Week 11 includes more than 50 matchups. This should be the busiest week of the 2020 season so far.

How many undefeated teams remain in college football Week 11?

Seven undefeated teams remain in college football, and Week 11 is guaranteed to eliminate two more. Penn State's trip to Minnesota highlights the early window, but most college football fans will be fixated on the afternoon showdown in Tuscaloosa.

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