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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Catholic company?

Who We Are. The Catholic Company is the leading online and catalog retailer of high quality Catholic books and gifts. We have been in business since 1997, answering Pope John Paul II`s call for all Catholics to join in a New Evangelization. We are Catholic owned and operated from the company's owners, to product buyers, to our marketing staff,...

What is a Catholic Council?

ecumenical council. n. (Roman Catholic Church) an assembly of bishops and other ecclesiastics representative of the Christian Church throughout the world. Roman Catholic canon law states that an ecumenical council must be convened by the pope.

What is the Catholic community?

Catholics are a community. A body made up of many different people, united by a common bond of love. Because of the enduring strength of this bond, and the life-long commitment it implies, one of the best ways of describing the Catholic Church is that it is like a family.

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