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Frequently Asked Questions

What are clinical research jobs?

Clinical research jobs are as varied as the life science field itself. The role of the clinical researcher is to determine the effectiveness and safety of various devices, medications, treatment protocols, and diagnostic tools. Some clinical researchers work for government agencies, such as the FDA, to conduct trials on medications.

How do I become a clinical research associate?

Educational Requirements. While the credentials needed to become a clinical research associate vary by place of employment and with the demands of specific positions, you'll likely need at least a bachelor's degree in a biomedical-related field like medical technology or life science.

How to become a clinical research associate?

Most entry-level clinical research associate positions require candidates to have a bachelor’s of science (BS) in a health-related field from an accredited four-year university. In some cases, programs are designed to add practical hours needed to qualify for certification tests.

What is a Certified Clinical Research Associate?

Certified Clinical Research Associate. A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is a professional who monitors clinical trials and research studies. CRAs can be either employed by a Pharmaceutical or Biotech Company, Contract Research Organization (CRO), Independent Consultant or may act as freelancers.

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