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Frequently Asked Questions

What does research really say about iPads in the classroom?

Research says that iPads can improve classroom learning (Maich & Hall, 2016) We found that iPads did improve classroom learning but not because they are iPads, if that makes sense. Success was more attributable to the fact that teachers who integrated iPads into their lessons tended to do more Project Based Learning (PBL), which has been found to improve student learning across grade levels (Cheu-Jay, 2015).

What are the rules of classroom?

Your classroom rules are the first line of defense against misbehavior. They should never be left to chance. They should never be created as an afterthought or copied from the teacher next door. They must be created thoughtfully and in a way that is relevant and meaningful to students.

What is an innovative classroom?

Innovative classrooms engage in constant reflection and inquisition. They think about what is working as a class and independently and what is not. Reflection can be uncomfortable, but for a class to be constantly evolving and innovating, this process must occur. Furthermore, an innovative classroom will always be asking itself, "what if?".

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