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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a church history writer?

The church history writer is representing the quality of the past and the image of the church, and must reflect that in the writing. The writer must never take on the job assuming there will be great recognition for the work.

What is a church history?

Church histories reveal the hearts and lives of those who first established the church. A church history is the record of the faith of our forefathers. It is a living record of the triumphs, trials, and tribulations that teach us how they solved conflicts of the past, and how to deal with future similar situations.

How do I research the history of a church?

I like to think of researching for a church history as detective work. You begin with only little clues, and end up with an amount of material that would be considered good evidence in any courtroom. Never overlook these small town public sources. The Oklahoma State Historical Libraryis another place to look for information.

What are the best sources of church history?

One of the most important sources of a church history is from the stories told by people who have been associated with the church for several years. The number of people needed to gather the oral materials depends upon the size of your church. A committee may be necessary, or one person might be the primary collector.

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