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Frequently Asked Questions

Why add details to the history of the church?

While I have only briefly described the scenes from this amazing location, perhaps you can see the importance of adding enough details to provide the reader with a more complete picture of a particular event. The church history must not consist of a simple statement of fact, but must lead the reader on a fascinating journey through time.

How often should a church history be updated?

A general guideline is to produce a good church history a minimum of every ten years. I usually suggest adding approximately five to ten pages every five years. Should controversial or negative events be included?

Is this timeline biased toward the history of the Orthodox Church?

This timeline is necessarily biased toward the history of the Orthodox Church, though a number of non-Orthodox or purely political events are mentioned for their importance in history related to Orthodoxy or for reference. The following are published writings that provide an overview of Church history:

Is there a large group photo available for a church history?

Large group pictures are usually available, but are seldom useable for a church history. It is the custom of many churches to take pictures such as a Sunday school class or the entire congregation. Any group photo larger than a five by seven picture will be difficult to reproduce in a church history.

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