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Frequently Asked Questions

What are semi truck fenders?

We offer front, rear and inner semi truck fenders precisely engineered to be lightweight yet impeccably strong. They’ll enhance the appearance of your vehicle, while reducing the chances of hazardous damage by kicked-off rocks, debris, or anything else your wheels and tires can throw at you.

What kind of Fenders do we have?

Poly Fenders, Fiberglass Fenders, Stainless Fenders, Aluminum Fenders, Galvanized Fenders - We Have Them All! We Have All Sizes, Quarter Fenders, Half Fenders, And Full Fenders. And Of Course, Bracket Kits For The Fenders.

How do I choose the right fender for my truck?

One great way to do this is by installing some of Empire Chrome's fenders on your truck. Depending on what type of trailer you pull, you may want a simple quarter fender, or to go whole hog with dual half-moon fenders! Maybe you just like the look of a full fender, and that's okay too. We've got lots of options for you to pick from.

What finishes do poly semi fenders come in?

Our Poly Semi Fenders come in a variety of finishes and colors, including our incredible silver mirror finish, smoky black mirror finish, carbon fiber and paintable options. Use the selector tool below to view them all. NEARLY INDESTRUCTIBLE – WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

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