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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fender trim and how does it work?

Chrome fender trim is an easy way to add some aesthetics to your vehicle and get it noticed. It’s not so big that it takes over your car or truck, it’s just a little detail here and there that adds a pop of color and takes your truck from a factory model to a luxury model.

Is chrome fender trim worth it?

Just as a painting or poster is classier with a frame around it, wheels and tires just naturally look better when they’re framed by bright trim. This makes chrome fender trim definitely something to consider if you’re thinking about springing for a set of custom wheels and tires.

What are the different types of fender trim?

Another type of fender trim that used to be prevalent is the ornamentation that adorned fenders and quarter panels, in chrome and polished stainless steel. Such accoutrements would break up monotonous expanses of paint and add eye-catching detail to the body.

What are the different generations of fender trim molding?

2nd Generation Fender Trim Molding Plug No Drill - Truck 2nd Generation - Truck/SUV 2nd Generation Plug No Drill 3rd Generation - Truck/SUV 3rd Generation Fender Trim - Truck 3rd Generation Truck/SUV Fender Trim Brushed Finish 4th Generation (G4EX2) - Truck 4th Generation Fender Trim Molding - Chrome Finish - Truck Classic - Car Classic - Truck/SUV

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