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Frequently Asked Questions

Does child support extend beyond age 21 in Texas?

Child support does not typically extend beyond the age of 21. A divorcing parent in Texas may retain the services of an experienced family law attorney to assist with child support issues. A lawyer can facilitate negotiations with the non-custodial parent to reach mutual agreements on continued support for a child still in school.

Who is required to pay child support in Texas?

In Texas, the amount of time a parent spends with the child will determine who makes child support payments. Most of the time the parent who spends the least time with the child “non-custodial” is the one who has to pay the child support, but there are times where both of the parents are ordered by the court to pay the child support payments.

Can child support be paid beyond the age of 18?

However, certain exceptions could arise that may justify child support payments beyond the age of 18. If the child has not completed high school, emancipation will only take place upon graduation.

Can I terminate my child support payments early in Texas?

In Texas, whenever these conditions are met, the minor is taken as an adult and the parents are free to terminate the child support payments early. Along with laws which allow early termination there are a few exceptions also regarding the child support payments in Texas?

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