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Frequently Asked Questions

What is general chemistry laboratory equipment?

Spatulas and scoopulas are for scooping solid chemicals. They are typically used to scoop a chemical out of its original container onto a weigh boat so that it can be weighed on a balance. A laboratory thermometer is used for measuring the temperature of liquids. It can be made of glass or it can be a thermocouple made of different metals.

What are chemistry lab apparatus and their uses?

• Test Tube: used to hold the samples and determine the quality of the samples. • Pipette: used to transfer accurate amount of liquids from a large to small containers. • Cylinder: used to transfer accurately large amount of liquids from a large to small containers • Burette: to add a liquid to another liquid, over a period of time.

What equipment is used in chemistry?

beaker. Used to hold and heat liquids. Multipurpose and essential in the lab. brushes. Used to easily clean the inside of a test tubes and other glassware. Buchner funnel. Used with vacuum flask for performing vacuum filtration. Bunsen burner. Used for heating and exposing items to flame.

What is lab equipment used for?

Laboratory equipment refers to various gear used in a laboratory to perform different tasks. These tools are meant for use by scientists, pupils, teachers, and even medics. For example, some science lab apparatus are used for weighing objects, mixing and preparing solutions, and others for cleaning vessels.

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