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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Charity?

relief, welfare. endowment, fund, grant, subsidy. 2 a gift of money or its equivalent to a charity, humanitarian cause, or public institution. donated his mansion and all of its land as a charity to the people of his beloved home state. Synonyms for charity.

What are the different types of Charity?

Most forms of charity are concerned with providing basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, healthcare and shelter, but other actions may be performed as charity: visiting the imprisoned or the homebound, ransoming captives, educating orphans, even social movements.

What is the opposite of Charity?

Charity: the giving of necessities and especially money to the needy. Synonyms: almsgiving, dole, philanthropy… Antonyms: coldheartedness, hard-heartedness, inhumanity…

What institutions and organizations qualify as charities?

Note: Statutory definitions of what institutions and organizations qualify as charities vary. Organizations that are primarily involved in political campaigns or lobbying do not qualify as charities for tax purposes, but trusts for them may be considered charitable.

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