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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best over the counter cream for psoriasis?

Best Ointment: Dermaer Psoriasis Medicated Cream. With a thicker consistency, this ointment is choice for dabbing onto smaller spots, ideal for anyone who suffers from random, smaller areas of plaques and scale. It touts 2% salicylic acid in a steroid- and fragrance-free formula thats also hypoallergenic.

Does psoral skin care cream work for psoriasis?

Psoral skin care cream is touted as a psoriasis treatment that can heal the effects of psoriasis in 24-48 hours. According to the Psoral website, this cream eliminates itchiness and pain, cleanses the skin, is recommended by dermatologists and has no side effects. It must work quickly and efficiently.

Can I use Ayurvedic treatment for my psoriasis?

The following Ayurvedic herbal remedies may also be used to treat psoriasis: Psoriasis can be triggered by stress — both physical and emotional. Meditation and exercise may help reduce stress-related psoriasis flare-ups. Both of these activities are included in Ayurveda treatment plans. Some herbal remedies may also help to reduce stress.

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