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Frequently Asked Questions

What is central?

Definition of central (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a telephone exchange or operator 2 : a central office or bureau usually controlling others weather central 3 : a center or hub for a specified activity or group her house is party central the family room becomes kid central

What is central bank mortgage?

Mortgage Loans With a Central Bank Mortgage, you can expect a competitive interest rate and home loan experts to help every step of the way. Online & Mobile Banking Transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, track your spending, and more, all from the palm of your hand with the Central Bank app.

What is the meaning of central position?

in, at, or near the center: a central position. constituting something from which other related things proceed or upon which they depend: a central office. principal; chief; dominant: the play's central character. Anatomy, Zoology. of or relating to the central nervous system. of or relating to the centrum of a vertebra. a main telephone exchange.

What is an example of Central in a sentence?

Examples of central in a Sentence. The house has four rooms and a central chimney. City planners are looking for a central location for the new hospital. The evidence was central to the defense's case.

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