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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDA cdanet and CDA ITRANS?

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) provides CDAnet and the CDA ITRANS Claims Service (or ITRANS) to dentist members of CDA’s Corporate Members and in Quebec, CDA member dentists. CDAnet and ITRANS are used by Canadian dentists to submit dental claim benefits to claim processors on behalf of their patients, securely and efficiently.

How do I access cdcdanet and ITRANS?

CDAnet and ITRANS is accessed through your CDA-certified practice management software. Subscribing to the service is completed through the CDA Practice Support Service website (PSS).

Where can I find information on carrier information?

Click on selected carrier to view detailed carrier information, including a complete list of supported transactions, coordination of benefits claim processing instructions and if available, the carrier mailing information. Information on carrier updates is available at News. Loading...

What are the cdanet implementation notes?

In that regards, CDA has introduced the “CDAnet Implementation Notes” to provide guidance to dental office software vendors, claims processors and networks on the implementation of the CDAnet standards. This document is to support the implementation of…

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