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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CBD mean?

Sorry to be dumb but what does CBD mean. 1. Re: What does CBD mean? Central Business District if used to describe hotel location. Not dumb, learning! 2. Re: What does CBD mean?

What is CBD oil and where does it come from?

Cannabinoid oils, whether liquid or in capsules, are the most prescribed form of cannabis medicine in Australia. They are less harmful than smoking and still provide the same benefits. The term CBD oil is used so often, but rarely do people know exactly what CBD oil is or where it comes from.

Is CBD legal in Australia?

Australian health authorities permit CBD if the content of other cannabinoids (including THC) doesn’t exceed 2% In New Zealand, CBD is legal if the content of THC and other psychoactive substances doesn’t exceed 2% In Australia, CBD falls under the medical cannabis program Importing CBD is prohibited in Australia

What is the THC content of CBD oil in Australia?

Some Australian states have a higher threshold for THC content, varying from 0.35% to 1%. Is CBD Legal in Australasia? CBD in Australasia is restricted.

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