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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Cavapoo puppy?

Ridgewood Kennels has been placing Cavapoo puppies for sale in PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, RI, and farther for more than 40 years! All of Ridgewood’s Cavapoo puppies for sale go home with a written LIFETIME warranty as well as their puppy shots done. See Ridgewood Kennels Cavapoo puppies for sale below!

What is the difference between a Cavapoo and a Poo?

Cavapoos are a hybrid of the semi-hypoallergenic Mini Poodle and the gentle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Poo dogs are small, fun-loving designer dogs with long curly or wavy particolored coats. Children, allergy sufferers, and family pets love Cavoodles.

How big does a Cavapoo get?

Cavapoos can also be a good fit for dog sports like agility, rally, and obedience. As with any intense training or exercise regimen, you will want to have your Cavapoo cleared by your vet before jumping into these high-energy activities. A fully-grown Cavapoo usually stands 9-14 inches tall and weighs 12-25 pounds.

Do cavapoos shed?

Activity: Cavapoos are athletic little dogs who love outdoor play time but are good for apartments due to their small size. Grooming: If kept long, daily brushing is needed. If kept short, regular cuts are recommended every 6-8 weeks. Also keep nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Shedding: Poodles are non-shedding, while Cavaliers do shed.

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