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Frequently Asked Questions

Which carpet cleaning company is the best?

When carpet cleaners Virginia Beach has provided excellent service to their customers, then they receive an award. The award is called the “2013 Best of Virginia Beach Award in the Carpeting Contractors”. This is a major and outstanding award that only one carpet cleaning company is awarded.

How do you make a homemade carpet cleaner?

Instructions Combine vinegar and water in a large spray bottle. Add in salt and lavender essential oil. Cap and shake. Spray on carpets liberally, shaking bottle frequently between sprays. Allow carpets to dry. Vacuum treated areas.

What are the different types of carpet cleaning?

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning. There are a variety of different ways to clean carpets. Some of the most common types of carpet cleaning include a HOST cleaning, ENCAPSULATION cleaning, DRY-CLEANING, and STEAM cleaning. These are the most common methods but you may hear them referred to by different names, including shampoo cleaning,...

What is the best carpet cleaner product?

Good Housekeeping Seal holder Weiman Carpet Cleaner penetrates stains quickly and starts working as soon as you apply it. The gentle formula contains hydrogen peroxide to safely lighten stains, along with biodegradable and plant-based cleaning agents.

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