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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy at CarMax auctions?

CarMax Auctions - Auction Locations CarMax Auctions are honest, open and dealer-friendly! After all, you're not just a bidder number, you're our customer.

How do I Register my car at a CarMax auction?

You can also call our Auction Information Line at (888) 804-6604 to have the registration application sent to you. Onsite registration is available at each CarMax Auctions location on auction day, but we recommend that you register in advance to avoid any delays prior to the sale.

What is the CarMax love your car guarantee?

CarMax’s Love Your Car Guarantee is our way of helping you buy a car that truly fits your life, with 24-hour test drives and 30-day money back returns. CarMax’s 24-hour test drive is a take-home test drive that gives you up to 24 hours to decide whether a car is right for you.

Is CarMax auctions a modified as-is auction?

We are a modified as-is auction. CarMax Auctions discloses any known major mechanical issues, title brands, and structural or flood damage as outlined by the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA). Mechanical condition should be verified on our lot.

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