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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose carecarestream service?

Carestream Service can help you get there. Choose the service that best supports your challenges and goals: To get you up and running and plan for your future. To get the most from your system and staffing. To maintain your system and help if it's down. To maximize your potential and minimize costs.

How do I download a product user manual from Carestream?

Our technical documentation library gives Carestream customers on-demand access to product user manuals. To view the list of documents available for download, select your product below. Choose your document and language, and then click download. Please be sure that you are obtaining the correct document for the version you are using.

What are the benefits of CBCT?

Carestream Dental believes that, as CBCT is adopted by more practitioners, it will continue to provide numerous benefits for practitioners and patients, including improved outcomes; reduced need for exploratory procedures; improved treatment predictability; reduced morbidity; and potentially lowered cost and time savings.

What is the Carestream Vue cloud community?

Carestream's Vue Cloud Community is your single point of access to the tools you need to diagnose exams, review a patient portfolio or view real-time department performance. At Carestream we believe each customer defines their success differently. We believe that your success depends on exceeding your expectations.

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