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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Carestream have good support?

Carestream does have good support; Supporting bad software is almost as good as having no support. So a lot of customers must perceive that Carestream is lacking in support when in fact the software is really a Frankenstein Software with mish-mash of programing designed for Windows 1998 and XP.

How do I download a product user manual from Carestream?

Our technical documentation library gives Carestream customers on-demand access to product user manuals. To view the list of documents available for download, select your product below. Choose your document and language, and then click download. Please be sure that you are obtaining the correct document for the version you are using.

What is cbccbct and how does it work?

CBCT is a technology that is considered by some to be the standard of care where 3D imaging is necessary in dentistry. This technological leap allows practitioners to gain immediate access to accurate 3D images of anatomical structures, which often are critical to precise diagnoses, more effective treatment planning and increased case acceptance.

Can you configure your own CBCT scanner?

Configure your own CBCT scanner. With multiple imaging modes and up to 14 FOV options to choose from, you can configure a CS 9600 solution that’s perfect for you. A highly intelligent CBCT scanner, the CS 9600 delivers outstanding precision at every exam, for every user.

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