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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my CareSource CareSource?

My CareSource CareSource lets members create a safe, personal My CareSource account. You can use it to track your CareSource benefits and make some account changes. You can also link accounts for other CareSource family members to make it easy to manage them all in one place.

What is carecaresource doing about covid-19?

CareSource remains committed to our members and the communities we serve. In response to the growing public health concerns related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have created a resource page to identify your benefit coverage and services offered during this time of need. Click below to visit our COVID-19 Member Resource Page.

How do I contact Humana – CareSource®?

Email us at [email protected] for portal login assistance. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your CareSource Health Partner representative. Please be sure to notify Humana – CareSource ® of changes in address, phone number, or the addition or departure of a physician or other health partner to your practice.

What is CareSource's policy on pregnancy risk assessment?

CareSource would like to remind all MyCare Waiver providers that all waiver codes require a prior authorization. To learn more, view the network notification. CareSource encourages providers to use the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Form (PRAF 2.0) decrease preterm births by facilitating progesterone treatment.

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