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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do in the CareSource health portal?

Review the drug formulary, access manuals and guides, view policies, learn what you can do within the Provider Portal, or find out how to become a CareSource Health Partner.

What's new in carecaresource?

CareSource is excited to announce additional enhancements for the Provider Portal. In addition to initiating your prior authorization request through the provider portal, you can now submit requests to update your authorization requests.

Can I get counseling and addiction services from CareSource?

For this reason, CareSource offers behavioral health as part of your core benefits. This means that you can get counseling and addiction services from your CareSource health plan. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug dependence, we provide treatment and counseling options to help you through difficult times in your life.

Where can I find information about Indiana Medicaid policies?

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) Medical Policy Manual contains information about Indiana Medicaid policies. View the most recent published manual at the link below. Policy changes that have occurred since the effective date noted are announced in IHCP provider Bulletins and Banner Pages.

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