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Frequently Asked Questions

What pharmacies accept Caremark?

(5 days ago) CVS Caremark ® reserves the right The following list shows the major chain pharmacies that accept your prescription ID card. In addition to these, many independent pharmacies also take part in your United Pharmacy V Vons Pharmacy W Wal-Mart Pharmacy Wegman’s Pharmacy Weis Pharmacy White Drug Winn-Dixie Pharmacy.

Who is Caremark insurance?

CVS Caremark is the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) chosen by the State Group Insurance Program, known as ParTNers for Health, through a competitive procurement process according to state rules. CVS Caremark manages the prescription benefits for all state and higher education employees and their dependents, many local education and local government employees and their dependents, as well as some pre-65 retirees, throughout Tennessee.

What is CVS Caremark?

CVS/caremark can contact your doctor for a new prescription for most common maintenance medications that are taken for chronic conditions or for long-term therapy. Examples include medications for managing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other chronic medical conditions.

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