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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose carelogic enterprise EHR?

Our highly configurable EHR platform helps improve outcomes, drive efficiencies and demonstrate performance. Capabilities include scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, ePrescribing, consumer engagement, telehealth, billing and reporting. Learn more about CareLogic Enterprise

What can carelogic do for You?

CareLogic is available for Cloud and Windows. Community mental health centers, residential treatment facilities, substance use agencies, public health departments, and more Improve results, drive efficiency, and promote high performance for your business with CareLogic Enterprise.

Should I buy carelogic add-ons?

Carelogic has much more to offer if you are in a position to purchase the add- ons. In its most basic form, the functionality can't be maximized. Also, depending on your implementation team, you may or may not know about features you can access - trying to discover or obtain those options/modules is very difficult.

Why choose yesyes no carelogic?

Yes No Carelogic is user-friendly for all levels of staff. we are able to serve our clients better and integrate outcomes within their records, bill electronically, report to funders, collect data for MIPS, state reporting and use reports to educate our managers and staff.

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