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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Your Healthy Planet link or EpicCare link session?

Your Healthy Planet Link, EpicCare Link, and Tapestry Link session has been closed. Client session timed out.

Who can use CareLink for managed care?

Insurance companies and health care organizations that work with the medical groups managed by EPIC Management can use CareLink for managed care coordination beginning. CareLink allows partner organizations to: · View coding, billing, etc. EPIC’s Medical Groups include:

What patient information is available on CareLink?

Patient information on CareLink includes: Communication and Patient Care Coordination: External clinicians can coordinate patient care with Beaver Medical Group/EPIC Management easily on CareLink. Communication via CareLink can eliminate phone calls and faxes. CareLink allows outside clinicians to:

What are some people saying about CareLink advantage?

“Thank you Gord Turner and CareLink Advantage! CareLink Advantage was such a Godsend to our family. We had it for just over 2 years until our Mom’s passing. It brought us peace of mind with our Mom who wanted nothing more but to stay living in her home of 70 years, despite having dementia… read more “

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