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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CGM portal?

CGM PRACTICE PORTAL is a highly customizable web-based portal that provides a secure interface between your practice management solution and website. It provides your patients access to pre-registration, account review, online bill pay (enabled through CGM webPAY), inquiry, referral requests and more.

How do I ensure e-mails from CGM practice portal get to the patient?

Note: To ensure that e-mails from CGM PRACTICE PORTAL Patient Services (via your practice) get to the patient, the e-mail address in CGM PRACTICE PORTAL must match the e-mail address in the Patient Name and Address Information screen. The patient should check their Junk e-mail or Spam e-mail folders if they do not see the email in their Inbox.

How do I access the submenus in CGM practice portal?

When a message is sent to you from the practice, you will also receive an e-mail with a link to log in to CGM PRACTICE PORTAL to receive the message. On the left side are all of the menus. Click the plus sign ( +) to access the submenus.

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