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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is provided to students and faculty in canvas?

Both faculty and student information are provided. Faculty can learn how to request a course shell, merge sections, add content to your Canvas courses and more. Students can learn how to update their profile, access their courses, submit assignments and more.

What happened to blackboard at VCU?

Welcome to Canvas! Blackboard has been removed from service and VCU is now using Canvas. Login for non-credit / other - Only use this if you are advised by your department/trainer or are invited by your organization. Welcome to Canvas at VCU.

Is your canvas gradebook organized the right way?

The way the Canvas gradebook is organized by default, is not always best for you. In this workshop, a VCU Learning Systems analyst will help you navigate and use the basic functions of the Canvas Gradebook so you can make your Gradebook work for you!

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