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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best publisher of mathematics?

About Mathematics. Cambridge is a leading global publisher in pure and applied mathematics, with an extensive programme of high quality books and journals that reaches into every corner of the subject.

What is the Cambridge Senior Mathematics Australian Curriculum?

Cambridge Senior Mathematics: Australian Curriculum is an authoritative series for the Australian Curriculum that builds on a proven maths teaching and learning formula while incorporating the content and assessment requirements that characterise senior curricula in WA, TAS and ACT.

What is cambridgemaths NSW?

CambridgeMATHS: a continuum of teaching and learning from Year 7 to Year 12. CambridgeMATHS NSW Years 7–10 Second Edition combines a proven teaching and learning formula and complete syllabus coverage with a new level of innovative digital capabilities to guide students through Stages 4 and 5 mathematics and prepare them for success in Stage 6.

What's new in the second edition of cambridgemaths NSW years 7-10?

The second edition of CambridgeMATHS NSW Years 7–10 retains all of the features that have made this series so popular, and now offers a new level of digital support and important revisions and additions to address the needs of a wider range of students and provide even greater support to teachers.

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