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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Camarero mean in English?

masculine or feminine noun 1. (restaurant and bar staff) a. waiter (masculine) El camarero nos tomó la orden.The waiter took our order. b. waitress (feminine) La camarera me trajo otra bebida.The waitress brought me another drink. 2. (coffee-making staff) a. barista

What does "Camarero" mean in Spanish?

The distinguished Spanish surname Camarero is of locative origin, being based on a physical or geographic feature found in the vicinity of the eponymous bearer's place of abode. In this case, the Spanish word "camara" means "granary or barn," and the surname would indicate that the original bearer lived beside a granary.

What does Camarero mean?

What does a Camarero do?, In the contexts of a feudal Spain, the camarero mayor or “greater chamberlain” to a lord or king also acted as something of an assistant or manager, informing them when they had meetings or who was going to visit them. In this sense, the camarero/a was always “waiting on” their charge.

What does El Camarero mean?

el camarero; la camarera: waiter: el ayudante de camarero: busboy: In order to change something you need to have courage, even if it is the smallest thing. Actually let me refine, changing needs only courage if the current situation is not bad but not perfect either.

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