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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the song Californication come out?

Californication (song) Released as a single in May 2000, the song reached #69 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, #16 on the UK Singles Chart, and hit number 1 on both the US Mainstream Rock Tracks for two weeks, and US Modern Rock Tracks for one week.

What kind of music is in Californication?

Although Californication still contains some funk rock songs (such as "Around the World", "Get on Top", "I Like Dirt", "Purple Stain" and "Right on Time"), it leaned towards more melodic riffs (for example, " Scar Tissue " and " Otherside ") and focused on songs with implemented structure rather than jams.

Is Californication The Best Chili Peppers song ever?

With the instrumentalists' interplay at an all-time telepathic high and Kiedis peaking as a vocalist, Californication is a bona fide Chili Peppers classic.

What inspired the song Californication by Anthony Kiedis?

Californication's lyrics were derived from Anthony Kiedis' ideas, outlooks, and perceptions of life and its meaning.

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