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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you hunt at C lazy U Ranch?

While on Colorado mule deer hunts at C Lazy U Ranch, you will see mule deer ranging in size from 180” to 250″—and even larger. To maintain a quality deer population, we offer approximately eight rifle guided deer hunts each year. Space is limited so we recommend booking far in advance. Many moose call C Lazy U Ranch home throughout the year.

What is lazy U Ranch like?

C Lazy U, an all-inclusive, year-round guest ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, offers the best of both worlds: high-class amenities and down-home experiences, with luxurious cabins, gourmet meals, daily trail rides and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy all year round.

Are families of hunters welcome at the C lazy U?

We blend world-class guided hunting trips with the comforts of a luxury guest ranch – and families of hunters are very welcome at the C Lazy U; your spouse and children will never be bored while the hunters are out on the range. For more information about non-hunting vacations, visit the Family Activities page.

Why choose Lazy C Ranch for Your Family Reunion?

Lazy C Ranch is a prime family reunion venue. With ten homes and seventeen rooms, we can host families of any size. Secluded and private grounds allow for excellent connections, with amenities that people of all ages can enjoy. Lazy C Ranch is home to many cute animals.

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