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Frequently Asked Questions

What if GME stock traded at 1 times revenue?

If GME stock were to trade at 1 times revenue, it would leave it with a market capitalization of about $5.7 billion. That’s just more than 50% below its recent $11.8 billion market capitalization. If GameStop doesn’t have the short-squeeze catalyst in play, then what is the catalyst?

What do you think about the GME story?

It was a really interesting story. I absolutely give credit to those GME fans for what they did. But it also shows what happens when one is overinvested in something: You become blinded to the greater reality.

Is GME stock set to dip 50% from current levels?

Do I want to come out and say GME stock is set to dip 50% from current levels? Not really. But I do know that the charts are flashing some warning signs while its current fundamentals do not justify the present valuation.

Should I get Out of GME right now?

That’s why I suggest getting out now if you’ve made money. If your position is currently a losing one, there’s hope. GME is volatile. It could definitely rise again and cover your losses. Then get out.

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