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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think BTS is overrated?

BTS is overrated as hell. A bunch of teens think BTS is the shit but in my case, I kinda think they're boring. I don't see what's so special about them. Their music sounds like western just more dull and unsatisfying. They also have NO character in their music videos. Sure, they're funny, but off camera.

What does BTS stand for?

A subreddit dedicated to the South Korean boy group 방탄소년단, most commonly known as BTS, Beyond the Scene, or Bangtan Boys. News, images, videos, discussions, and anything else that relates are welcome! Interested in helping the community grow in the right way?

What is the best thing about BTS?

Currently, they are being branded as THE best in most aspects like music quality, lyrics, vocals, raps, dance, visual etc. They are even treated like gods by some fans.

Why am I seeing a warning on BTS’s Twitter?

You’re seeing this warning because they Tweet potentially sensitive images or language. Do you still want to view it? Yes, view profile Close BTS nsfw followed Pinned Tweet BTS nsfw‏ @somebtsnsfw19 Jul 2018

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