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Frequently Asked Questions

What do branches do on a tree?

A tree’s branches are responsible for stretching out as far and wide as possible to help the leaves reach light! Branches also allow a tree to have even more leaves than if the leaves just grew directly from the tree’s trunk.

What is the definition of branches?

1. a division or subdivision of the stem or axis of a tree, shrub, or other plant. 2. a limb, offshoot, or ramification of any main stem: the branches of a deer's antlers. 3. any member or part of a body or system; a section or subdivision: the various branches of medicine.

What is synonym for branches?

Synonyms for Branches: n. •junctions (noun) annexations, amalgamations, attachments, meetings, junctions, couplings, affixations, abutments, jointures, splices, synergies, junctures, bonds, alliances, juxtapositions, Marriages, conjunctions, consolidations, mergers, relationships, connections, joints, affiliations, adjacencies, weddings.

What are the branches of a tree?

A branch (UK: /ˈbrɑːntʃ/ or UK: /ˈbræntʃ/, US: /ˈbræntʃ/) or tree branch (sometimes referred to in botany as a ramus) is a woody structural member connected to but not part of the central trunk of a tree (or sometimes a shrub). Large branches are known as boughs and small branches are known as twigs.

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