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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bosch access free of charge?

Access free of charge apps and tools to select products, design your systems or download updates. Be always aware of our latest products and solutions. Find out about our extensive assistance for Bosch products for troubleshooting, repair and others. Look for specific information by product.

What is Bosch remote portal?

Connect devices to the Remote Portal securely and without changes to local network. Remote access is set up easily with minimal time needed. Bosch Remote Portal connects you to your Bosch Security devices from anywhere and lets you perform remote administration and maintenance anytime. Registration is free. Forgot your password?

What is Bosch training?

We want to provide skills and knowledge to integrators who work with our products and systems. Our training is designed to help you install and run complex projects faster, smoother and more profitably. Tests conducted by Bosch show that technicians work both more efficiently and effectively following their training in our academy.

How do I get a certificate from Bosch?

They are available in all major languages and allow you to prove your technical skills and competences. To obtain a certificate, you have to pass an online or classroom exam. All certificates are stored online in your personal area of the Bosch Building Technologies Academy and can be downloaded and printed at any time.

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