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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best goalie in Pittsburgh Penguins history?

Ranking Every Starting Goalie In Pittsburgh Penguins History From Worst To Best 1 Marc-Andre Fleury. 2 Tom Barrasso. 3 Matt Murray. 4 Les Binkley. 5 Ken Wregget. 6 Jean-Sebastien Aubin. 7 Denis Herron. 8 Greg Millen. 9 Johan Hedberg. 10 Jim Rutherford. More items...

Who are the best goalies in NHL history?

Vezina played in the early days of the NHL and was the best goalie of his time, finishing in the top three in goals-against average every year of his career, including three different years when he led the league. 15. Billy Smith

Was Tom Barrasso the best goalie in Penguins history?

Goalie Tom Barrasso (Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images) In the trapezoid-less era, when goalies were very active in playing the puck, Barrasso was one of the best. He was truly an extra defenseman for the Penguins, which is evident in the fact that his 48 points ranks first among all goaltenders.

What makes the Pittsburgh Penguins so good?

The Pittsburgh Penguins — at least for the past few decades — have been a franchise known for their offense. When an organization is lucky enough to have multiple generational talents like Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin it isn’t surprising to see that portion of the game demand the most attention.

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