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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 70-inch TV?

There aren’t a lot of 70-inch TVs on the market, so your choices are more limited if you’ve decided on this size versus a 65- or 75-inch TV. Our top pick for a 70-inch model is the Vizio V-Series V705-H13. This value set can often be found for $650 or less, and it is packed with features. It’s one of the best cheap TVs you can buy.

What is the best LG TV in the led category?

The best LG TV in the LED category that we've tested is the LG NANO90 2021. It's LG's highest model in the 4k lineup, and so it gets a ton of features, especially for gamers. LG's LED options tend to have IPS-like panels, and this one is no exception.

Is the LG 75 inch 4K TV worth it?

It's a premium 4k model that delivers excellent overall performance, and it's great whether you're watching movies in HDR, SDR, or gaming. We tested the 55 inch model, but we expect results to be valid for the 75 inch variant, too.

What is the best 75 inch TV with an LED panel?

The best 75 inch TV that we've tested with an LED panel is the Samsung QN75Q80TAFXZA. It's a premium model in Samsung's 2020 QLED lineup, and it's packed with features. It has impressive all-around performance and delivers excellent picture quality.

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