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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Boeing know that the 737 MAX was dangerous?

Boeing has admitted that it knew about a problem with its 737 Max jets a year before the aircraft was involved in two fatal accidents, but took no action. The firm said it had inadvertently made an alarm feature optional instead of standard, but insisted that this did not jeopardise flight safety.

Is the 737 MAX safe to fly?

Yes. It is a 50 years old design with modern equipment. Boeing 737 Max is one of the safest aeroplanes to fly after being grounded for two years. It was under scrutiny by many aviation agencies like The Federal Aviation Administration, European Union Aviation Safety Agency, and others.

Would You Fly on a 737 MAX?

Travelers are concerned about the safety of the Boeing 737 Max and many will be hesitant to fly on it - even after regulators deem it safe, a survey released on Thursday found. That could pose a challenge for airlines eager to put the public at ease when the planes reenter service after two fatal crashes.

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