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Frequently Asked Questions

What is albario wine?

Albariño, or Alvarinho, is a light white wine primarily produced in the northwestern region of the Iberian peninsula. Like Viognier and Gewürztraminer, Albariño is know for its fragrant aromas suggesting peach and apricot. The top Albariños we've tasted, starting with our highest rated wines.

What does Albarino taste like?

This wine is a wonderful expression of albarino’s strengths, creamy and structured with aromas of peach and nectarine and a mineral finish. If you’re looking for a real treat, this the one to go for.

What is the best supermarket Albarino?

Lime and green apple are the strongest fruit notes in this good value supermarket albarino from Rias Baixas. A crisp, dry accompaniment to a fish supper. If you want the best of what the wine has to offer, you won’t go wrong with the Pazo Senorans. While for easy value, the Sainbury’s Taste The Difference albarino performed well.

Where to celebrate Albariño Day 2019?

To celebrate Albariño Day and the Albariño Festival which takes place the first week of August in the Galician town of Cambados, we take a look at top-scoring Albariño wines from DWWA 2019.

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