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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class setup for the 725?

Best Class Setups. 1 Class 1 – 725 Killstreaks. This class works great for getting those big killstreaks. For the 725 itself, use the recommended attachments above 1911 as ... 2 Class 2 – 725 Undetected. 3 Class 3 – 725 Sniper Class. 4 Share It With Your Buddies. 5 Recent Posts.

What is the best class in modern warfare 725?

Modern Warfare 725 Setup And Best Attachments For Your Class. 1 Class 1 – Total Sweat. This is the most overpowered class possible. Ready for any possible scenario, it works. Plain and simple. 2 Class 2 – With The Quickness. 3 Class 3 – Long Range.

What is the best Warzone 725 shotgun loadout?

To make the most out of this shotgun, here are the best Warzone 725 Loadouts. First up is the Overkill build, which you can use to run another weapon of your choice – we'd seriously recommend the best Modern Warfare M4A1 builds – alongside the 725 shotgun.

Is the 725 undetected a good class in Warzone?

The 725 Undetected class is great for players who want to stay stealth while also being able to play objective-based game modes. The 725 follows the same setup as above. This time the .357 as secondary. Perk slot 1: Cold Blooded is a great perk to have on at least one of your classes. Nothing worse than being trapped in your spawn by a VTOL.

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