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Frequently Asked Questions

What does before mean?

Define before. before synonyms, before pronunciation, before translation, English dictionary definition of before. adv. 1. Earlier in time: They called me the day before. 2. In front; ahead. prep. 1. Previous to in time; earlier than. 2. In front of. 3. In store for;...

What is the definition of before?

Definition of before. 1 a (1) : forward of : in front of stood before the fire (2) : in the presence of speaking before the conference.

Is before a verb?

‘To’ before a verb. “Reached” is a simple past tense verb, so “is smiling” shouldn’t be used. Another past tense verb should be used there, not a past continuous tense, because Ali’s smile began at a precise time: “the minute he reached the airport.” So, it should be “smiled” and not “was smiling”.

What is a synonym for before?

Synonyms for Before: adj. •early (adjective) beforehand. adv. •all (adverb) earlier. n. prep. Other synonyms: • further, off, preemptive, Whenever, here, there, heretofore, barely, Beforetime, beyond, Aforetime, This, wherever, then, apart, pre-existing, along, Ere, preferably, Since, near, where, ahead of, previous, across, one time, till.

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