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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fur Elise hard?

The full version of Fur Elise is considered reasonably difficult, broadly an intermediate piece around grade 5, but a shorter arrangement of only the famous section is often taught as well. This is much easier, suitable for late beginners, but still requires some foundational skill to perform well.

What is Fur Elise?

Fur Elise is generally considered a bagatelle, a term that translates literally as "a thing of little value.". In musical terms, however, a bagatelle is a short piece. Despite its short length, Fur Elise is arguably as recognizable even to casual listeners of classical music, as Beethoven's Fifth and Ninth symphonies.

How to play Beethoven piano?

Remember Beethoven held the works of CPE Bach in high esteem and beginning to learn his keyboard works is a good place to begin before Beethoven. Finally, practice passages slowly and without the pedal initially. Use the pedal for colour not to smudge weak technique.

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