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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the partyq fit on my Grill?

Knowing that there are hundreds of grills in the marketplace, BBQ Guru has manufactured a massive list of specifically made adaptors to offer maximum compatibility. This ensures the PartyQ will perfectly fit on almost any small to medium sized charcoal or wood fired grill and will most likely work with yours.

How does the partyq work?

It also features a battery level indictor that notifies you when batteries are less than 20%-30% of capacity. At a quick glance, a blower/ temperature LED bicolor light indicates how the PartyQ is controlling your grill. During normal use, the blower will smoothly stoke the fire and intermittently feed it bursts of oxygen at the precise time.

What is the temperature rating of the partyq?

The probe is rated for temperatures up to 500° F and the armored sheathed wires are used to protect against breakage, heat, or errors while cooking. Whether you're a beginner or professional pitmaster, the PartyQ will make your outdoor cooking experience easier than ever.

What kind of BBQ is at meme's BBQ?

From Business: Meme's BBQ Smoke House is a locally-owned restaurant that serves Texas-style smoked BBQ. Enjoy a nice selection of BBQ pork, chicken, and beef along with tasty… 22. Bbq Smokin Telles

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