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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do batteries cost at Battery warehouse?

Professional installation while you wait for most car batteries purchased at the Battery Warehouse will be FREE. Automotive Batteries starting at $59.99 installed Cell Phone Batteries as low as $29.99 Digital Camera / Camcorder Batteries as low as $19.99 Laptop Computer Batteries for all brands of computers: Dell, HP, Toshiba, IBM and more

Who is batterybattery warehouse?

Battery Warehouse is a family-owned-company dating back to 1982. We have 7 locations throughout Maryland offering you convenient and accessible service. Multiple stores are located just off of the Baltimore beltway 695.

What kind of batteries do we sell?

We sell batteries big and small, from the largest automotive battery to the tiniest watch battery, and every battery, charger, inverter, booster pack in between. Check out the brands and types of batteries we carry.

Where can I buy batteries in Toledo Ohio?

Battery Store: 1515 W. Alexis Rd - Battery Wholesale Toledo, OH. Battery Store: 1515 W. Alexis Rd

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