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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get file names under recursive paths in Bash?

The bash shell provides an extended glob support option using which you can get the file names under recursive paths that match with the extensions you want. The extended option is extglob which needs to be set using the shopt option as below. The options are enabled with the -s support and disabled with he -u flag.

How to search for a recursive file?

Default way to search for recursive file, and available in most cases is find. -name "filepattern" It starts recursive traversing for filename or pattern from within current directory where you are positioned. With find command, you can use wildcards, and various switches, to see full list of options, type

How to do a Read loop in Bash?

It's a bit difficult to do your read loop portably, but for bash in particular you can try something like this. while IFS= read -d $'\0' -r file ; do printf 'File found: %s ' "$file" done < < (find . -iname 'foo*' -print0)

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