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How many games were in the 1982 MLB season?

1982 MLB season League Major League Baseball Sport Baseball Duration April 5 – October 20, 1982 Number of games 162 18 more rows ...

Who won the 1982 World Series MVP?

October 20 – The St. Louis Cardinals win the 1982 World Series over the Milwaukee Brewers in seven games. Catcher Darrell Porter is selected the Series MVP, making him the first player to be chosen as the MVP in both the LCS and World Series in the same season.

What happened in Game 1 of the 1982 NLCS?

October 6 – The Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals play four innings of Game 1 of the 1982 NLCS when rain halts play in the bottom of the fifth with the Cardinals batting, three outs away from being an official game, and the Braves ahead, 1-0. The rain does not subside and the game is called.

Who is the fifteenth pitcher to win three hundred games in MLB?

On May 6, 1982, Gaylord Perry of the Seattle Mariners became the fifteenth pitcher to win three hundred games when Seattle defeated the NY Yankees 7–3 at the Kingdome.

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