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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Avalon tax bill?

Pay Your Avalon Tax Bill. Borough of Avalon Direct Debit Tax and or Water and Sewer. The Borough of Avalon is now offering Direct Debit applications for Tax and Water & Sewer payments. This is not a mandatory application. If you would like your bills to be Direct Debited, please fill out the form and return it to the Tax Office.

What property tax relief programs are available to Avalon residents?

Property Tax Relief Programs Available to Avalon residents. Veterans’ deduction: Qualified veterans of the United States who served in time of war may be entitled to a yearly deduction of $250.00 on their property taxes.

What is the 2019 tax rate for Avalon?

The 2019 tax rate was $0.510 per $100. The 2018 ratio is 99.07%. Click here for Borough of Avalon Tax Maps >> Change of Mailing Address We require that all requests for Mailing Address changes or requests for 200-foot mailing lists be in writing.

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